Who We Are and What We Do:

We are freelancers, with a passion for the web, and online entrepreneurship. We employ a large team of professionals that are proficient in ghostwriting, web design, social media marketing and more online services. We know exactly what it takes to launch a successful virtual assistant business and we have packaged it into one amazing product for you.

Your future with VA’s for Hire

With our product you get a fully prepared virtual assistant firm, ready to launch and take orders. You get access to an online group, and forum where you can actively build clientele and your firm becomes featured through out the VA’s for Hire network. Branding you as a top virtual assistant overnight.

What You Get with VA’s for Hire

A bullet-proof virtual assistant business concept

The web industry is fast approaching massive growth with the need for instant connections and responsive design and eCommerce on the rise. Small businesses are flocking to online professionals to run their daily online tasks. When you become apart of VA’s for Hire, we place you in the drivers seat of a completely turnkey virtual assistant firm that is professionally designed, and ready to handle all of your clients needs. Freeing up your time for more important things in life like your family and hobbies.

Your Own Firm

With no work involved:

We build you a custom stunning virtual assistant firm, showcasing your services with glowing reviews. You simply log onto your virtual meeting room upon getting a client and order the corresponding services and our team handles your customer in a white label fashion.

As an example, a client orders a weekly social media marketing package. You order through the virtual meeting room, and pay $25 for the package (our price to you), but charge your client your white label price of $89. You keep 100% of the profits all while building your business!
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