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Like all great things...

VasForHire Buy & Sell Content Group really just came together!

In 2013 a Facebook group was born.

Who is behind VasForHire.com?

I really wanted to allow women the ability to BUY, SELL & TRADE services and content. I had been selling eBooks and printables for a few years and had built up a really amazing business. I wanted to help other women do the same thing. 

My original idea was to allow our users to TRADE services. I found this was helpful to many business owners that had just begun.

VasForHire Buy Sell & Trade Group

Our little group grew into the massive community that it is today.

Each day we see the most gorgeous work posted and offered to bloggers to use as content on their blogs and websites.

We have amazing recipes, crafts, articles and more all from women that are hard at work providing incredible services at amazing prices. 

Our group has been the spot to grab content that will WOW any reader or critic for online bloggers for the last 9 years. 

What is in our future?

We want to provide bloggers a way to connect with incredible hard working content providers. 

We foresee many new small business owners on account of covid and we want to be sure we are serving them best by offering them the services that they most need.


We are Ready to Help Your Business Succeed!

Work is what you do for others, Art is what you do for yourself. — Stephen Sondheim

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